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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, reservations are typically required. Our booking system requires that a reservation be made at least 4 hours prior. However, if you wish to join last minute, feel free to give us a call or text and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. “Trails to Rails” rides require more advance notice in order to reserve limited space on the train for our bicycles. Our group sizes are always small and space is limited.

Our e-bike’s batteries are charged by the sun! Our storage/transportation trailer is outfitted with a 400W solar array and a 200Ah 48V battery bank.

We use high quality, properly tuned Dost brand electric bikes for our tour experiences. These Guinness World Record (for longest distance ebike ride) bikes offer a comfortable and upright riding position, making them perfect for touring. After hours of research and dozens of test rides, we chose this Vancouver based company’s bikes for their performance, quality, and utility.

These bikes are equipped with a smooth and powerful 750W mid-drive motor and have been configured for speeds up to 20 mph, ideal for sight-seeing. These bikes also have thumb actuated throttles, if peddling isn’t your thing. With 9 speeds and 5 peddle assist levels, the amount of effort you exert is entirely up to you. And for added safety, these bicycles are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, allowing riders to safely stop at a moments notice. As an added bonus, all bikes have front suspension forks and suspension seat posts, smoothing out the ride.

Our Dost bikes come in 2 sizes, a smaller frame for riders 5’2 to 6’0” (Drop Chain) and a larger frame for riders 5’7” to 6’5” (Kope Chain). The smaller frame has a “step-thru” design, while the larger is a “step-over”. These bikes are highly adjustable and rider fit is evaluated before every ride.

Dost (Kope Chain) Ebike
Dost (Kope Chain) Ebike
Dost (Drop Chain) Ebike
Dost (Drop Chain) Ebike

Our Dost E-bikes, with dual batteries, have up to a 120-mile range (depending on rider weight, effort, terrain, etc.). Our 1.5 hour “City Ride” is typically under 15 miles, while our 1/2 day “Trails to Rails” ride is about 30 miles, from Santa Barbara to Ventura. Even after a day’s worth of adventure, there is battery left over.

Our Dost E-Bikes are tuned to have a maximum assist speed of 20mph (anything faster is more appropriate for commuting and less ideal for sightseeing). If peddling isn’t your thing, these bikes are also equipped with thumb-actuated throttles.

Our “City Ride” lasts 1.5 to 2 hours, while our “Trails to Rails” ride is a 3-hour ride to Ventura and an hour-long scenic train ride back to Santa Barbara (4 hours total).

“Best of Santa Barbara Tour” tours typically start at 10am and 1pm. Our coastal “Trail to Rail” rides begin at 8am or 2pm.

Tours start and end at the location of your choice.

Our groups are always small, allowing for a safer and more intimate experience. We have a minimum group size of 2 and a maximum size of 7.

Unfortunately, no. Our equipment and insurance company do not allow for anything other than solo riders. Riders 12 to 17 years of age are allowed but must be accompanied by an adult.

All tours can be customized to the group’s preference. If there is an interest in architecture, history, food/beverage, etc., we are happy to include those elements.

Yes, helmets are provided and required. We use Sena intercom-equipped bicycle helmets for all of our tours. These comfortable and highly adjustable helmets allow for tour narration and inter-group communication. Helmets are sanitized after each use. For those interested, a new liner can be purchased for $5.00.

Yes, we highly recommend closed-toe shoes and comfortable, layered clothing. Due to the speeds traveled (up to 20mph) and rider’s choice of effort exerted, you may require warmer clothing than expected. Layers can always be removed as conditions change. Depending on the season and time of tour, light gloves may also be helpful but are not required.

A basic ability to ride a bicycle is required. Electric bikes are easy to ride and a great equalizer when it comes to different fitness levels. Much of our riding is on dedicated paths, away from moving vehicles.

We require that riders be at least 12 years of age to participate. Riders 12 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult. Our bikes can accommodate rider heights from 5’0” to 6’5” and weights up to 275lbs.

A 100% refund is offered for cancellations at least 48 hours prior to your tour time. Cancellations made 48 to 24 hours before your tour time will receive a 50% refund or the ability to reschedule without penalty. Any cancellation within 24 hours of your tour time or a failure to show up at your scheduled tour time will forfeit a refund or the option to reschedule. We will reschedule or refund in the event of rain.

We do not offer e-bike rentals without a guided tour. We do offer pre-arranged test rides if you are considering a Dost Ebike purchase.

We do not sell e-bikes; however, we are partnered with Dost Bikes, offering demos and service. If you are interested in test riding a Dost, contact us about a pre-arranged ride. We also offer assembly, maintenance, and repair on many other brands of bikes, through our “to your door” mobile service. Our mechanic is a UBI Certified Bicycle Technician.