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About Energized Bikes

Bryan HopeYour Tour Host and Mechanic

Bryan Hope – California Native, Certified Bicycle Mechanic, Adventure Seeker, Certified Sommelier

Despite having grown up in Northern California, Bryan spent the majority of his life (almost 30 years) in his adopted home of Santa Barbara. He originally came to Santa Barbara as a naive 17-year-old college student. From childhood, bicycling had always been one of his “things” and during his college years, he familiarized himself with the front and back-country trails during the era of pre-mountain bike-suspension.

Following his university years came a chapter equally hedonistic in the beautiful mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe. His four years as a ski bum were spectacular, making as many turns as possible during the winters and whitewater kayaking and biking in the summers. Eventually the low-paying or dead-end jobs (as fun as they were) and his desire to again live at the beach led him back to Santa Barbara.

Back in SB several career paths emerged, all catering to his entrepreneurial spirit, including stints in natural foods and green building. Eventually he settled into the wine industry as both a passion and profession. In 2007 he started a wine touring business focused on the sustainable wine producers of Santa Barbara’s Santa Ynez Valley and became a certified sommelier. After twelve years in wine, he sold the business and moved on to participate in the e-bike transportation revolution.

Bryan is now a UBI-certified bicycle mechanic and he continues to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship, outdoor adventure, and sustainability with his mobile bike shop, offering tours and services.